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Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]
31 December 2013 @ 12:00 am
Name/Nickname: Knightblazer/KB
MSN/E-MAIL: lamerz23@hotmail.com / protoknightblazer@yahoo.com.sg [Alternate E-mail]
AIM: SilverJUMPFan
Yahoo: ProtoKnightblazer
Timezone: GMT +8 [DST Savings N/A]

Got a bone or two to pick at how I play Kensei? Any questions or comments? Just want to say hi and do plotting things with him? Leave a note here and I'll get back to it quickly. Its my first time playing him, so please do be gentle.

Canon Character: Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]
Series: Bleach

You can't look back to the past forever. You can only look ahead towards the future.Collapse )
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Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]
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I'm sure you guys have heard the post, so I'll just cut to the point - stay away from Shinji's room for the next few days, especially those who can use magic. And don't worry - I've got a handle on this. I hope.

Hiyori... just stay down. I'll inform you on things later. [/End Filter]

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I really really hate this season.

You'd better be alright, idiot. [/End Filter]
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Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]

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Damnit, I knew it was a bad idea battling that kid even though I should have known better, considering the damn season...

This is really the last thing I need, damnit. This damn season had better pass soon.[/End Filter]
Mood: distresseddistressed
Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]
04 January 2010 @ 02:37 pm
...why do these kind of things always happen to us?

Guess we could all do with some extra dubloons though.
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Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]
12 December 2009 @ 01:26 pm
[static at first, but soon the sounds of buzzing propellers can be heard as Kensei is in the air right now and doing a sweep across the place.]

Captain, this is Muguruma reporting in. Just took off, now turning over to the town and going to see if ever...y...thing...is... [trails off to the sound of crackling earth that can be heard from even at his spot in the skies.]

Scratch what I just said, the whole entire town out there is starting to go under! [mutters a curse as he pauses to bring his plane in closer] The situation seems bad; I see a group of kids stranded on the roof on one of the local school buildings, I think. It seems like the ground below's gonna give in any second now!
Location: Airspace
Mood: distresseddistressed
Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]
11 December 2009 @ 06:38 pm
[some muttered cursing as Kensei straightens himself up after that fall.] That was some rumble. Good thing I didn't try to take off or anything...

[short pause]

Captain, permission to take my airplane up and see what's up with the place?
Location: 4423 - Hangar
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Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]
06 November 2009 @ 07:22 pm
...sky sharks.

[notable pause goes here.]

Reno, I hope you've got enough spare bullets ready.
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Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]
25 September 2009 @ 11:03 pm
...looks like the gig's up with Edgeworth. I had hoped he wouldn't try and think about it, but it seems my hopes were up. This is why I hate getting attention.

Well, I suppose it had too happen sooner or later - but the next time we meet, we'll be nothing but enemies. Even though I don't like Vohemar myself, nor Ivona... kinda ironic, when I think about it. Maybe I should just consider myself to be from Kropmork and be done with it. [/End Filter]

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Mind sparing me a few cartridges of bullets for my plane, Reno? Kinda forgot to restock on my end, so I'm seriously lacking in them.

And uh... if you got the time Souji, mind coming to the hangar to tune my plane a little? Installed a good number of new stuff onto my plane, though I'm not sure if they're going to run well together.

Also - Shinji, Hiyori? Don't screw up.
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Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]
Well, I found 'em. They're still in Licere, and if I'm right they're only most likely by the giant lake in the town. Could hear splashing and gulls when I chatted with 'em.

Shall we get our butt into gear now?
Location: 4423 - Hangar
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Muguruma Kensei [六車 拳西]
I know I won first place, but did you seriously think I'd get something as much as a million dubloons? Dream on.

And you can keep the captain. From what I know, she'll just murder you sooner or later.
Location: 4423 - Hangar
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